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We have a team of artists who love to share the love they have for their artistic medium.  They would love to have you join them for a class or a series to teach you the basics or the finer detals 

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You will find a listing of our classes here that are small in group size, process oriented and geared towards your learning style.  You can sign up here or email for more details.  Can't make one of these sessions?  Contact Silver and Sage to have your own custom class scheduled

Our team of Artists

Amie Preston


 Amie Preston of Oigi Design makes unique handmade and handcrafted jewelry - wearable art. 

She shares her knowledge in fun and educational silversmith classes, helping you create your own amazing, sterling silver jewelry. Join us and be inspired and delighted by your own designs.
  When she discovered her fascination of working with metal she had just start her twentieth year of work as an executive for a fast-paced fitness corporation. On a whim, she signed up for a silversmith class. In that first class she had an OIGI moment, it was life changing. Amie said, “O-I-Get-It! I had found my passion and wanted to do the rest of my life”. After several years of instruction and planning I left the corporate world and now I am able to live that dream. 

Part of that dream and passion is to pass on her knowledge when teaching silversmith classes. “I love to share the experience of working with fire and metal! When a student takes a class I hope they walk away with more than just knowledge, I hope they walk away with their own OIGI experience.”
  OIGI, pronounced oh-gee, is the acronym for Oh-I-Get-It! It's that moment when you put your hand to your forehead and say “Oh, I Get It”!  Sometimes that moment is life changing, a realization, an epiphany when you feel you’ve found what you want to do, what you're meant to do. Some only have to put hand to forehead, others needed a gentle tap and others; well... you get it. Sometimes it takes a big push to change directions, and it's worth it! moment.

Susan Snyder


  I am a watercolorist and naturalist who creates field journal-style artwork as a way to study nature and its relationships.

My mission is to help myself and other people find connections to nature to rejuvenate and inspire. I want us all to understand how we fit into nature’s web so that we can create balanced, sustainable and rewarding lives and communities. I spend as much time outdoors creating illustrated nature journals and I do painting works in the studio. Through classes, I encourage others to join me in the journaling experience.

I paint and teach art through the lens of ecology and environmental education because nature allows people to explore how to think, rather than telling them what to think. Nature encompasses all subjects, whether we are investigating math, science, literacy, the arts, social studies, history, philosophy, and religion. Nature study can include components of all of these subjects at once, creating a truly cross-curriculum experience.

Susan is a naturalist at Ogden nature Center, a member of the Ogden Palette Club and Utah Watercolor Society. She has show her work in numerous shows at Eccles Community Art Center, the Ogden Arts Festival, the International Environemental Art Show at Lesley Univeristy in Cambridge, MA, and in smaller shops and shows around Northern Utah.

Barbara Wesley


  Barb Wesley, of Wesley Glass Art, creates her pieces by combining and layering beautiful glass colors. The pieces are then fired in a glass kiln, and polished. Her inspiration comes mostly from nature. Living in beautiful Northern Utah and Island Park, ID, inspiration abounds! Barb creates landscapes using elements from a torch, glass frits, and powdered glass in layers. These can be displayed in a stand or on the wall. 

Barb is a long-standing member of the Glass Art Gild of Utah. She has shown her work in Red Butte Garden Glass Show, Patrick Moore Gallery, Kayenta's Coyote Gulch Show, Logan Art Faire, Ogden Art Festival, and Lakeside Lodge.


Kate Bruce

Kate Bruce is a contemporary expressionist painter  and colorist who creates expressive paintings inspired by nature. She loves to work in a loose and intuitive style and is known for her florals and use of vibrant colors. Kate has found a new joy in teaching. She shares her passion for art and empowers her students to express themselves by unlocking the artist within each of us. Kate paints daily and her home studio is her "happy place." Her paintings can be found in many locations in Northern Utah and in the homes of many art collectors across the country.