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the story of us

The five of us all feel incredibly fortunate to be able to create art for a living.  When we each started our career paths in the arts we were working on our own, creating and in some cases teaching others.  It was a good feeling to be able to share what you make or your passion for the medium with others.  It is also very nice to see your art in another person's home, proudly displayed on them, on their shelves, on their walls or even being used in their home. 
So here we are five women invested in five different art mediums and all successful in their own fields.  You may be wondering what brought these talented, independent and strong women together. It's not always easy working as part of a team, and artists do not always make the best team players.  Furthermore, we do not even work in the same mediums.  What one earth were we thinking, what could possibly be gained from the unification? 
Creativity.  Laughter.  Happiness.  Peace.  
One thing that can come with  an artistic career path, that most other artists often neglect to tell you, is studio isolation.  Creating art, running a business and even teaching can involve other people around you however there still looms that feeling that you are a team of one. The five of us met at different times and places however we certainly all share the feeling that we are blessed, we are passionate about our work, we strive to continuously improve and that together we can bring to our community that artistic talent is in each of us.  We are stronger together than on our own.  
Over the past five years the the idea to work together started to flourish.  We knew we had common goals, strengths, thoughts and dreams however we did not have the place to make that happen.  In looking for a studio that could accommodate us we discovered just how unique that space would need to be.  Kate Bruce was already selling her fabulous florals at Emie James and after a weekend painting demo the girls starting talking, as girls like to do.  Would it not be great to have a studio of artists in the old Victorian in Eden?  And it has.  We love our studio space in the Ogden Valley, it is charming and it is our own little piece of paradise.  You should come check it out.

5522N 2220E Eden UT 84310
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