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bliss pottery bell earth in art
bliss pottery bell earth in art
Barb Crosbie - Earth in Art Pottery

Bliss pottery bells


On her potter's wheel Barb likes to take her time and make a number of functional pieces that you can use in your kitchen to serve coffee, tea, hot chocolate or the drink that suits your fancy.  You can choose from mugs, pitchers or creamers and sugar pots.  In the Bliss line you will also be able to find bowls, pie plates, serving plates, bells and more.   Each is thrown from a single ball of clay on her pottery wheel.  Once the vessel is leather hard, Barb pulls handles that she shapes and attaches to the piece and attaches a rose, or a few.  Pitchers and creamers have a cut away spout as is commonly chosen in french style pottery.  

Bliss pottery is simply and intentionally natural white, with accents of blue and red roses.  It is a classic color scheme that once was traditional for weddings, a day associated with that feeling of bliss.  These are balanced, beautiful and functional items for your home and soul.  

All Barb's pottery in the Bliss line is kitchen friendly and food safe.  It can go into your microwave, dishwasher, oven and freezer.  You can feel safe putting food and drink into these stoneware pieces that are glazed using non-toxic materials.

Bells are 6" tall and have a shell clapper, from a shelling excursion on Perdido Key.

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