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Water and wood serving bowl for
Water and wood serving bowl for
Water and wood serving bowl for
Barb Crosbie - Earth in Art Pottery

Water and wood serving bowl for


wood and water

On her potter's wheel Barb likes to take her time and make a number of functional pieces that you can use in your kitchen to serve with.  These berry bowls are a way to promote healthy eating.   Wash your grapes, berries or cherries in the colander bowl, let drain, place on the a plate and serve!  On your table the fruit becomes the easy go-to snack.  Since air will circulate around the fruit it will keep it from spoiling quickly. 

Each is piece in this set is thrown from a ball of mixed clays on her pottery wheel.  Once the vessel is leather hard, Barb cuts holes to allow for drainage.  A second small ball is thrown to make the coordinating plate.  

These berry bowls are approximately 4" in diameter and over 3" tall.  They can hold a pint or a quart of berries.  You can also use the bowl to strain steamed veggies and serve on your table in one step.  

All of Barb's pottery is kitchen friendly and food safe.  It can go into your microwave, dishwasher, oven and freezer.  You can feel safe putting food and drink into these stoneware pieces that are glazed using non-toxic materials.

The wood and water line of reclaimed clay pottery has either a  waterfall or a coastal glaze.  Waterfall is the darker and comprised of rich deep blues.  Coastal is a more dreamy combination of mauve, light blues and cream over a dark chocolate brown.  Both are over a reclaimed clay body, meaning that all clay bits are combined and allows for all clay that comes into the studio to be used, minimizing wastage.

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